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Welcome to Room 22. We are lovely bunch of 27 Year 5 and 6 children. Our wonderful, kind and lovely teacher is Mrs Greenslade. We all get on really well and are learning lots of interesting things about each other. In room 22 we work in learning groups. In these groups we work together on activities, projects, group discussions and to give each other feedback and feedforward about our work.
 This week Miss Beacham has been teaching us and has been doing a great job. This week in writing we started writing our narratives, choosing a setting to base our story on. In concept we have been reading fairy tales and discussing their meaning and messages. Yash Kumar got the PB4L certificate this week. On Thursday we celebrated Diwali, and everyone who dressed up looked amazing. Check out the photos in the gallery. Mrs Greenslade even danced in assembly.


What a wonderful start to the term room 22 has had. We have been doing lots of work and discussions in our co-operative learning groups and everyone showed how well they can work with each other. Our focus in reading for the next few week is to summarise. In writing we are learning to write narratives. In maths we are consolidating our strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. On Friday we had our first POD session with the other 2 classes we are working with for this terms production - room 12 and room 27. Our production item is going to be based on a story of St Patrick driving the snakes out of Ireland. The PB4L award this week went to Janeesha. This week we also welcomed Miss Beacham to our class. She is a student teacher who is going to be working with us for 5 weeks.
Our Schools 50th Anniversary
Our school just had the 50th anniversary.
It was amazing, lots of Manuhiri (visitors) were here and people who used to be staff members or students at our school came too!
The decorations were lovely and lots of art works were there.
We had the best time ever and it was a great celebration!!!!
Week 10
We come to the end of another term. We have all worked hard and are ready for a rest. Room 22 are thrilled that they won this terms senior school sing off, with their 80s song "Hit Me With Your Best Shot." Have a great holiday everyone, and we look forward to our last term together.
Week 7/8/9
Wow - Room 22 have had such a busy 3 weeks. We have been finishing up our concept of transformation - carrying out our own group experiments. The senior school did their writing sample in week 7 - describing how to make hokey pokey - it was yummy. In Maths we have been revisiting strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. After finishing our class novel "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" we watched the two different movies and compared these to the book. A lot of the children in room 22 have also been busy practicing hard in preparation for their cultural practices as part of the 50th Anniversary Celebrations. Our 50th Celebrations have now been and gone. It was an great weekend - the highlight for Mrs Greenslade was the cultural performances on the Saturday.
Week 6:
This week room 22 did their writing assessment on "describing a process." The process we described was "How to make Hokey Pokey." The best thing was that we got to make it and eat it.
We have been enjoying listening to our class novel "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and we have been researching facts about the author - Roald Dahl. In Mathematics we have been learning different strategies to solve multiplication and division problems, and have made booklets showing our strategies. Dillan Gounder received the PB4L certificate this week.
Week 5:
This week in room 22 we have been learning to use different strategies to help improve our understanding in reading, such as using our prior knowledge and making connections. For maths we have been solving multiplication and division problems, using strategies such as  place value partitioning. In concept we found out what happens when flour and water are mixed together and cooked by making damper (see photos in media gallery). Farhaan received the PB4L certificate this week. In fitness we have been playing lots of dodgeball. On Tuesday two teams represented our school at a rippa rugby tournament.


Week 4:
This week in concept we have been cooking eggs. Eggs start out as a liquid and then the longer you cook them the more solid they become. Eggs cannot be turned back into a liquid. This change is irreversible.
In writing we described the process for playing Dodgeball - one of our class's favourite game.
Riah Sharma received this weeks PB4L certificate.
Week 3:
This week in concept we have been melting chocolate, to see what happens to it when we melt it and how it turns back into a solid. This change is reversible. We had fun eating the chocolate cornflakes cupcakes. In sports we have been training for Cross Country, Rippa Rugby and Gymnastics. Joseph Patuki received the PB4L certificate this week.
Written by Group 3 - Joseph, Rakshay, Kelisha

Week Two:
Room 22 had a very hands on week of learning. In maths the we were learning to measure capacity using millilitres and litres. This involved estimating the capacity of containers and finding out which ones held more water - we had to be careful not to put water all over the floor when seeing if our predictions were right. For writing we made our own sandwiches and now we are describing the process of making a sandwich (see our photos in the media gallery). For concept we set up two experiments - the change of state of water and evaporating to separate salt. On Friday Mrs Greenslade and Ken took two rugby teams to a tournament.

Week One:
Welcome back to another exciting term of learning. As always we have a very busy term. Our concept this term is Transformation, which we have defined as "how things change". This week we learnt about the different states of matter - solid, liquid, gas. In reading we have started reading the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". This week the learning group did projects about chocolate - you can see these on our reading wall in class. For maths we have been learning about weight, using grams and kilograms. Already we have children training for inter-school sports competitions - gymnastics, rippa rugby and cross country.
Term 2 Week 9
This week for Art Intensive Week the focus was on Matariki and Weaving. We learnt about the Seven Stars of Matariki and made a class storyboard. For weaving we created coloured, and black and white patterns from paper. We used four different coloured strips of paper to create stars, and some even made stars from flax. Our final weaving project was to create a piece of weaving using different materials that had specific meaning to them, this could be with the materials or colours chosen. After completing their weaving each wrote a paragraph about what their piece of weaving means to them. Make sure you look at all the photos in the media folder.

Thursday 19th June
Mrs Greenslade and Ken took 8 boys to the Over 50kg Rugby Tournament. Papatoetoe South combined with Puhinui School to form a Barbarians Team. Because we were a mixed team we couldn't score any points from winning, but we still went out to compete. After 3 games, against Holy Cross, Kingsford and West, the team remained unbeaten. The final game was against North, who also hadn't lost a game. This was like the final to determine the best team. Both teams played a hard game of rugby. Unfortunately the South/Puhinui Team went down 3 tries to 2. We were, however, incredibly proud of all the boys from both schools. They played amazingly as a team and showed they were a team to be reckoned with. 

Term 2 Week 7
On Monday Xaviah got the PB4L award for being a good learner. On Wednesday was supposed to be the Winter Sports Tournament, but it was postponed to next Wednesday because of bad weather. On Thursday the Over 50kg boys played in a rugby tournament against other schools. In the afternoon of Thursday Room 22 presented their projects. They all presented nicely and it was good seeing each others projects.
By Group 4 (Prateek, Katerina, Riah and Xaviah)

Term 2 Week 6

This week Leaine got the PB4L award. We also had a sports exchange against Kingsford. The under 50's rugby team lost but the over 50's team won. In netball both A & B team lost. The A team for soccer lost but the B team for soccer won. In reading we have been reading non fiction texts, in writing we have been learning about explanation writing. In maths we have learnt lots of addition and subtraction strategies. 

By: Ramnik & Sylaan
Term 2 Week 4

Thursday 29th May - Against Papatoetoe North


Rugby Under 40 - drew 3 all

Rugby Under 50 - lost 11 - 2

Soccer A won - 4 - 1

Soccer B lost - 2 - 0

Netball Year 6 team - drew 2 all

Netball Year 5 team - lost 15 - 0


Rugby - Laish Naidoo and Anthony Tui

Soccer - Robert Yalda and Andy Eir

Netball - Alavina Lolohea and Fessotaine Tuimauga

Fair Play - Rakshay and Teipo

Term 2 Week 3
Room 22s Learning this week:
Reading - We have been learning to answer different comprehension questions. We have been looking at different types of questions, such as ones that have the answer in the text and others that require some of our own thinking.
Writing - We have been learning to write explanations. These include a title, introduction, 3 main paragraphs and a conclusion.
Maths - We have been learning to tell time in both analogue and digital.
Concept - Sustainability - We have been learning about how the Christchurch Earthquake had effected the water in Christchurch, creating more flooding.
Next week we are looking forward to our assembly item - a slide show comparing Year 6 camp and Year 5 EOTC week.

Term 2 Week 2
This week many of our students took part in the first Winter sports exchange of the year against Papatoetoe West.


Rugby Under 40 won 3 - 1

Rugby Under 50 lost 6 - 1

Soccer A won 1 - 0

Soccer B won 2 - 0

Netball Year 6 team won 11 - 4

Netball Year 5 team lost 15 - 1


Rugby - J-Star Taupau and Logan Rapata

Soccer - Darius Buillard and Ashwin Raju

Netball - Norah Smauel-Tangimetua and Faaui Ioka

Ballskills Fair Play - Mordecai Tahitahi

Term 2 Week 1
Welcome to school for term 2. This term our concept is Sustainability, and this week we have been looking at the water cycle, as this is an important part of sustainability. All of the children in room 22 worked well with their new learning groups, all getting over 1000 group points. Well done to group 5 who won by 100 points. In maths we have been learning multiplication and division strategies. Julius received the PB4L certificate this week. Next week we are looking forward to our first sports exchange of the term.


At camp Prateek's favourite activity was the Mudslide. It's fun because when you jump in the water there is a big splash! The camp happened at Hugh Lambie Villiage in Papakura. The cabin I was in also had more people called Yash, Monish, Julius and Aryan. We went in a bus. We all went on the 1st of April at 9:30am. There were more activities to do at camp.

By Prateek & Yash & Dillan

In week nine the year 6's went to year 6 camp. They went to camp Adair. The parents that went were Rachel, Na, Ena, Andrew and Emma; and the teachers were Mr Williams, Miss Gouldstone, Miss Johnstone, Mrs Meyrick and Mrs Greenslade. The activates we did were the giants ladder, the pamper pole, the flying kiwi and the confidence corse. We went to camp Adair for educational learning. We went to camp Adair on a bus. We also went back to school on the same bus.

 Year 6 camp rocks

Week 9 was the best week of the year 6s. Rakshay's favorite activity was the mudslide because he made an excellent  poses in the air. Monish's favourite activity was the pamper pole because he made the closest jump to the trapeze.  Farhaan's favorite activity was the giant ladder because he went real high up.

By Rakshay, Farhaan, Monish

Our week at camp!
At camp I ( Ramnik) was working with Rosetta, Prateek , Norah, Login, Krisha and Nishika. Kelisha was working with Sahhar, Val, Togamau, Yash,  Chloe and Amelia. First my group did the confidence course, then the pamper pole, giants ladder, flying kiwi, scavenger hunt. Then we made pikelets, beverwax, burma trail. Last we did the mud slide. Then Kelisha's group first did the pamper pole,confident course then giants ladder, flying kiwi, scavenger hunt then we made pikeletes, beverwax, burma trail. Last we did the mud slide. I ( Ramnik) liked the confidence course and the giants ladder. Kelisha liked the confident course,  the mud slide and the pamper pole. Me and Kelisha loved camp Adair it was a fabulous  week we had losts of fun and we had amazing and wonderful days. Me and Kelisha got to make new friends and hang out with them. 
By Ramnik & Kelisha!!!! WE LOVE CAMP ADAIR!!!!!!!!!!! 

In week nine the year fives had a year five experience week. We had heaps of challenges that we had to face. Our achievements were rock climbing, golf, measuring the park, swimming and finding your way out of the maze. It was here because it was year five experience week. We did it with Mrs Greenslade, Miss Phillips, Miss Michelle, Miss Rita and also Miss Stone. It was at Papatoetoe South School. It was from Monday 31st March to Friday 4th of April, bye this is our amazing week of our year five experience week.By Leaine, Maddison, Malia.

Friday 11th April

Last week year 6 went to camp Adair on a bus.  Julius was in cabin 20 and Xaviah was in cabin 18.  Julius said the trapeze was the hardest challenge because it was scary.  Xaviah was nervous when he jumped off at the top but it was very exciting.  The favourite activities were the flying kiwi and the mudslide but the best was the confidence course.  Xaviah learnt to not be afraid of new challenges.  Julius learnt to work in a group and make friends.  
By Xaviah and Julius.

Term 1 Week 8 Friday 28th March 

It was a fabulous week. We have had some special visitors came to see our awesome learning. This week Krishal went to a special sports day competition named The Mount Roskill Interschool PARA Sports Day 2014 and came 1st twice and 2nd once. This week the PB4L award went the number one student Rakshay. Also this week we have been learning about 3D shapes and we took pictures of objects around the school that have 3D shapes. We are all really looking forward to camp and year 5 experience next week.

By Group 4 RakshayJaneeshaSylaanJoseph A and best for Krishal

Term 1 Week 7 Friday 21st March
This week in maths we have been learning about how shapes can piece together in a repeated pattern to create a tessellation. We even created own own individual shapes to make a tessellation. We have been reading non-fiction texts in reading this week and have been learning about how asking questions before, during and after we read can help us to understand the text better. For writing we all wrote a persuasive argument for whether children should have homework or not. Both the boys and girls school cricket competed against other schools on Tuesday - well done to the boys team who finished in the top four. The PB4L certificate this week in room 22 went to the top and numder one student in room 22 Prateek. This week we are looking forward to our visitors at school. 

Term 1 Week 6 Friday 14th March
Another busy week of learning in room 22. This week Malia got the PB4L award for being a responsible member of the class. In our PB4L lessons we have been focusing how speaking to each other with respect and using our manners. Kay from swim safe worked with us in swimming, where we have been learning to turn our heads to breath in freestyle. For Hauora our focus has been mental and spiritual health. This week we have been writing persuasive arguments for whether the school tuck shop should only sell healthy food.

Term 1 Week 5 Friday 7th March
This week Drayek got the PB4L award for a great effort with his homework. In maths for have been learning different strategies to solve addition and subtraction problems. For Hauora we have been looking at social and physical health.

Term 1 Week 4 Friday 28th February
This week Julius got the PB4L award. The Euros group learnt rounding and compensating in maths. We went swimming and focused on our arms in freestyle swimming. All of the year 5 and 6 did a STAR reading test. In our learning groups we working co-operatively to make a puzzle with a message on it for another group to solve - check out some of our photos in the media gallery. We continued our winter sports training on Thursday. As part of research study on physical activity and concentration we all did a colour reading test.
Group 2 and Mrs Greenslade

Term 1 Week 3 - Friday 21st February
What an amazing week we had - cricket, sports and singing with room 23. In out concept Hauora we learnt bout the four dimensions: physical, mental, spiritual and social. For Maths we learnt to play Yahtzee, it was fun. We learnt this game from Mrs Greenslade.
By Farhaan and Monish
Val received this weeks PB4L certificate.

Term 1 Week 2

What a week we had this week. We had senior singing and John got the PB4L award. We have been focusing on our concept - Hauora. For reading we have been hearing great stories from Mrs Greenslade and Miss Phillips. We  had a great week this week and now we are looking forward to Week 3.
By Leaine, Maddison, Kelisha and best for last Prateek

Friday 7th February

Wow Room 22. What a fantastic start to the year. I have had a wonderful first few days getting to know you. I am really impressed with how you are remembering the 3B's and setting very high standards with your learning and behaviour. I can't wait for the next few weeks to continue our learning journey together.
Mrs Greenslade

Wednesday 5th February

What we have learnt about Waitangi Day?
The they had an agreement in 1840 - Prateek
That's when Maori and English had an agreement/contract, and the all signed it - Sylaan
They signed it on 6th February 1840 - Val
Later on they had some land wars - Kelisha

Tuesday 4th February - Our First Day
How I am feeling on my first day......
* I feel excited (John)
* I was feeling nervous (Prateek)
* I am feeling happy (Riah)
* I feel proud about the class that I am in (Kelisha)
* I was excited to meet my new teacher (Drayek)
* I feel amazed that I am with you (Jordan)
* I feel nervous but I feel amazed now [Leaine]

Monday 3rd February
Dear Children in Room 22
School starts tomorrow, and I am filled with excitement and apprehension. I can't wait to get to know you all and work with you this year. There are lots of exciting things happening this year, Camp and year 5 experience, lots of sport, interesting concepts and a whole school production. I am looking forward to helping you with your learning, as you grow and develop your own individual skills.
Mrs Greenslade

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